Season control HVAC Los Angeles

If your heating system went down in the LA County area, Season Control should be the very first to call.

We service all types of heating systems: boiler, electric, duel fuel, gas, heat pump and oil. Our expert technicians repair all makes and models

We cover all aspects of heating systems – maintenance, heating repair and should you need replacement – we are also licensed, insured and bonded heating contractors for providing and installing all types of heating systems. Our techs are certified and experienced in heating system installation, as well as heating repairs.

Heat Pump Repair

Heat pumps, unfortunately, can malfunction just like any other mechanical system, and this will happen of course at times when the heat pump is in most frequent use – in winter. Season Control is here for your heat pump repair so you don’t have to stay in that chilly house even a moment more than necessary –not much  more than it takes to pick up the phone and call us, we have dispatch trucks, heating repair technicians and service persons ready to respond to your heat pump repair and all heating repair emergencies 24/7.

Heating Repairs

Season Control is a licensed heating contractor for heating repair as well as installation. So calling us is the surest and quickest way to get your heating repair done – and also the safest for you and your system, much more than attempting to do a heating repair by yourself.

You can ask any of our techs for proof of their business license and insurance. And of course we charge according up front based on the foreseen repair, not by the hour, so you don’t run the risk of repairs taking too long just for an extra buck – our time is valuable to us and yours even more so.

Regular maintenance

To greatly reduce the chance you’ll need such urgent heat pump repair or heating repair, Season Control HVAC Los Angeles offers a regular maintenance program. This program is greatly beneficial to your wallet, your system, your home and family, by monitoring and fixing potential problems and improving your heating system operating and energy-use efficiency. Just like you wouldn’t imagine foregoing your car’s tune-up schedule, you should do the same for your heating system.