ac repair

There are many different types of air conditioning systems but all of them work the same way, through harnessing the temperature drop which occurs when compressed gas is allowed to expand.
Since the operation principle is the same all air conditioning systems have similar units which make up the whole HVAC system. In the following paragraphs we’ll explain about the different parts of an AC system, how they work, what type of malfunctions may occur with each unit and when to call for HVAC Los Angeles service.


In order to allow compressed gas to expand and cool it must first be compressed. This is done using a compressor which is powered by an electric motor. Bigger air conditioners have more powerful compressors and bigger engines driving them, this is why they use stronger electric current and run up your electricity bill.
AC compressors are very reliable and usually work well for many years. It is important to keep the area around the compressor unit (which is fitted outdoors) clean so that ventilation is adequate and the compressor and engine do not heat up.

Cool Air Dispensers

Units of AC systems found indoors and from which cool air is blown are where the compressed gas is allowed to expand. Air is blown by an electric fan over the pipes where the gas expands and cools. The cold air flows into the room and lowers the temperature in it. As air is cooled humidity condenses into drops of water. This water must be allowed to flow out through a drainage pipe. If this pipe becomes blocked water level will build up and water will start dripping from the cool air dispensing unit. So, if water is dripping from the AC into the room, before you call in for Air conditioning repair, check to see if the drainage pipe is blocked.


There are two electric fans in HVAC systems. One is used to help cool the compressor and the electric engine running it, this is a big fan found on the compressor unit fitted outdoors.
Another fan is the one found in the air dispensing unit fitted indoors, this is a smaller fan the speed of which can usually be controlled so that we can choose between three or four levels of air flow into the room.


There is one important filter in an AC system, it is located at the air intake to the air dispensing unit. This filter must be kept clean in order to allow free air flow through the unit (impaired air flow will cause the AC to work inefficiently and even, eventually, to break down). If you do not know how to clean the AC filters yourself, call in an AC repair Sherman Oaks service provider to clean them for you, they can show you how it’s done so you may choose to do it yourself in the future.