Home Heating and Air Conditioning

Many HVAC systems are very reliable and may work well for many years without a single breakdown. However, basic maintenance is required in order to allow this to happen. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find useful information which will help you provide proper maintenance to your HVAC system thus making it less likely that you’ll need AC repair Canoga Park services.

Clean Air Filters

In every HVAC system, there are filters over the air intakes to air dispensing units fitted indoors. It is very important to clean these filters regularly (once every three – four months). Cleaning these filters is fairly easy, they are simple to remove and may be cleaned with a brush, a vacuum cleaner, a wet cloth etc. If you do not know how to clean the filters on your HVAC systems you can call in air conditioning repair service to do it for you, ask them to show you how its done so that you may choose to do it yourself from then on.

Keep the Area Around the Compressor Unit Clean

The HVAC system’s compressor unit is fitted outdoors with pipes running from it to the air dispensing unit inside. It is important to keep the area around the compressor clean so that it does not run hot. The compressor and its electric engine are cooled by an electric fan, you must ensure that airflow to the fan and from it is not inhibited by dirt, leaves, things stored in the unit etc.

Call For a Tech at First Signs of Trouble

With HVAC systems it is very important not to put off calling in HVAC Los Angeles service if the systems seem to be working less effectively than it used to. If you need to set a lower temperature just to achieve comfortable conditions it may be that there’s a gas leak. Fixing this early on may cost much less than dealing with a bigger malfunction which may develop if the system is allowed to operate without enough gas.

Water Drainage

When air is cooled humidity in it condenses and water droplets form. This water must be allowed to flow out through a drainage pipe. Keep drainage pipes open or water level will build up and water will start dripping from the AC unit into the room. If the pipe is not blocked but still no water drips from it call in an AC repair Canoga Park service.