How Weather Systems Develop

The weather on our planet is very diverse, it differs greatly from one region to another and in most areas, it changes following a yearly four seasons cycle. We’ve become accustomed to keeping ourselves comfortable, using AC systems to heat our homes and businesses when it is cold out and cool them when it is hot.
AC systems make it easy for us to deal with weather systems, in the following paragraphs, you’ll find basic facts about cold and hot fronts, storms, heat waves and other such phenomena which send us towards our AC system’s remote.

Atmospheric Pressure

We all live on the earth’s surface and so our planet’s atmosphere envelops us and stretches some 300 miles above our heads. The gasses in the atmosphere are constantly weighing down on us, this is the atmospheric pressure we’re all accustomed to. The atmospheric pressure is not constant, it drops as we climb to higher altitudes, rises as we descend, there are also buildups of pressure in certain areas as well as areas of low pressure. When such highs and lows meet weather fronts form, there may be winds, precipitation, and changes in temperatures.
When the weather changes we need our AC systems in proper working order, calling for ac repair Canoga Park services in advance is therefore a good idea.

Oceans Play a Major Role

Over 70% of our planet is covered by water. Water behaves much differently than dry land so far as heat absorption is concerned.  The earth’s oceans have a very important role so far as climate and weather systems go, they transfer heat from one region to another. Sometimes areas of extreme low pressure form over an ocean and a severe storm may develop, such storms are called “tropical storms”, “typhoons” or hurricanes” (three different names describing the same phenomenon).


We all know that the earth spins around its own axis and around the sun, it takes around 365 days for the earth to go around the sun once. The Earth’s axis is tilted at some 30 degrees and so as it travels around the sun the sun’s path in the sky (known as the “ecliptic”) rises higher in one hemisphere as it drops lower in the other. When the sun is higher in the sky temperatures tend to rise, this is why it is hot in the summer when the sun is lower in the sky average temperatures drop and this is why it is colder in winter.

AC systems are a great way to keep ourselves cool in the summer and warm in the winter while we are indoors. Keeping such systems in good condition is therefore important and services such as AC repair Canoga Park come under high demand especially during times when weather systems hit.