Knowing When to Recharge Your AC With Refrigerant

As summer approaches anyone planning to use an AC system for cooling should give it a test run in order to ensure that it is working properly. This way if there’s any malfunction you’ll have plenty of time to call in an AC repair Van Nuys and have things sorted out.
A common problem with AC systems is a loss of refrigerant. This may occur due to a leak or even in the course of normal operation over several years. An AC system in need of recharging will work inefficiently. Even if it does provide the cooling effect you’re after you’ll end up paying, in form of a high electric bill, a price much higher than that of a refrigerant recharge. It is not difficult to tell if your AC system needs a recharge, in the following paragraphs you’ll find tips which will help you do just that.

Things to Check Before Recharging an AC System

If your AC system is not cooling as well as it should be there are several things you should check before calling in an AC repair service. There are a number of things which may decrease the efficiency of an AC system, the easiest one to solve is clogged air intake filters. Most anyone can check and clean an AC system’s filter, if clogged filters are what ‘s wrong you may be able to solve the problem yourself saving the cost of calling in a professional tech.


One sure sign of low refrigerant level is icing. It may be ice gathering on the condenser coils (in the cool air dispensing unit fitted indoors) or on the pipes leading to the compressor (the unit fitted outdoors).
If your AC system is not cooling well enough (working less efficiently than it uses too) or not cooling at all, check for any signs of icing.

Make Sure the Job is Done Professionally

If it turns out that your AC system is indeed in need of refrigerant recharging allow only a reliable tech from a highly professional HVAC Los Angeles service to do it. There are several types of refrigerants, it is vital that the right one is used, the recharging process itself must be handled properly or damage may be inflicted. Once your AC system has been recharged it may work perfectly at first but if the problem occurred due to a leak it is bound to recur. This is why it is essential to make sure that there is no leak and if one is found it must be tended to before final recharging is completed.