Season-control hvac repair

We’ve all grown accustomed to the comfort AC systems provide, so much so that even during the hottest days of summer we find it unacceptable to have to spend time indoors in rooms where the temperature and humidity are at levels which are any higher than optimal.  This is all very nice so long as our AC system is working fine, but just like any other electro mechanic device AC systems may develop malfunctions. When this happens we want to solve the problem ASAP so that we can go back to enjoying being kept nice and cool indoors. We’ve gathered for you some useful information which will help you deal with AC system related problems.

An AC System Not Cooling Well Enough, or Not Cooling At All

There may be several reasons why an AC system may not be cooling as well as it should be or even not cooling at all (blowing out air at room temperature). The very first thing to check is whether we’ve set the desired temperature correctly. Make sure the system is set to “cool”, the fan speed is high enough and that the temp is adjusted to 77 deg Fahrenheit at most.
If the system is set to cool but the air blown out is at room temperature it may be that the system needs to be recharged with refrigerant or that there is some type of malfunction in the compressor unit (the one fitted outdoors). So far as compressor unit malfunctions go the easiest and cheapest one to fix is a blown capacitor (this will run you anywhere between 100 – 350$ depending on the type of AC system).

Things You Can Do Yourself

Before calling in a professional HVAC Los Angeles service check the AC system’s air intake filters. This is easy to do and if you find that they are clogged cleaning and fitting them back may be enough to fix the problem.
Other things to check for yourself, before having a tech come over, are signs of icing either on the condenser coils or the copper pipes leading from the compressor unit (in the area where they are connected to the compressor unit). Such icing indicates a low level of refrigerant.

Knowing what is wrong with your AC system ensures that you do not fall victim to overcharging. For instance, if you know that all that’s needed is for the capacitor to be replaced it will be impossible for a dishonest tech to try and charge you for recharging your AC system with refrigerant.