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The warmer the air the more humidity it can hold, this in no way means that hot air is always more humid, take desert air for example, it may be scorching hot during sunny days but still,desert dry. But, when the air is humid and then cooled down by an AC system some of the water vapor in the air condenses into water droplets which are let out through a drainage pipe (leading out from the cold air dispensing unit fitted indoors). Many times the reduced level of humidity is refreshing (seeing that high humidity tends to be uncomfortable) but there are those who find air-conditioned air too dry, it may cause dry skin, eye irritation, dry throat etc.
We’ve gathered for you some tips to help you enjoy the cool conditions your HVAC system offers without having to reconcile yourself with the ill effects dry conditions have on you. We suggest you try out our advice before calling in an HVAC Los Angeles or AC repair Van Nuys service.

Do Not Overcool

A very simple measure you can take in order to lessen the drying effects of an HVAC system is to set the temperature a little higher. As explained above, the cooler the air the less moisture it can hold, if you are one of those who dislikes dry conditions you may find that setting the temperature three to eight degrees (Fahrenheit) higher leaves you feeling much more comfortable (even if a little less cool).
Many of us like to set our air conditioning system to a very low temperature, this not only causes the air blown into the room to be dryer but also inflates our electricity bill. As a company specializing in providing HVAC Los Angeles and AC repair Van Nuys services, we’ve found that many times our customers thank us for advising them to set the temperature a bit higher than they are used to.

Add Moisture

There are ways to add moisture to the air or directly to your skin. You may use a portable humidifier or you may install an advanced HVAC system with a built in one (such systems are rather costly). Of course, so far as cooling goes adding moisture is counterproductive (so expect a high electricity bill). A simple solution may be putting on some moisturizing lotion where your skin tends to dry due to dry air-conditioned air.