Choosing the HVAC System Which Best Suits Your Needs

Use of HVAC systems has become so widespread that there is some kind of HVAC system fitted in virtually every home and business in most cities, Canoga Park and Van Nuys included. HVAC systems ensure that we enjoy comfortable conditions indoors even during the hottest of summer days as well as the most bitterly cold winter nights. We all know how to operate the HVAC system in our home or place of work but there are questions that we at Season Control are frequently being asked by our clients. We’ve gathered for answers to 5 such questions.

Are HVAC Systems the Most Efficient Way to Heat and Cool?

HVAC systems are a very energy efficient way to heat and they are the only way to cool. How efficient your HVAC system depends on the system itself as well as on how you use it and whether or not it is properly maintained.

Does an HVAC System Require Routine Maintenance?

Modern HVAC systems are very reliable, many times they will work fine for years even if you do not do a single thing by way of maintenance. However, providing adequate maintenance to your HVAC system will ensure it does not develop premature malfunctions and will also keep the system running at maximum efficiency. It’s a good idea to call in an expert ac Van Nuys service or ac repair Canoga Park to service your HVAC system once a year unless you take it upon yourself to clean the filters.

What Should I Do If My HVAC Is Not Heating/Cooling as Well as It Used To?

It is very important to call in an ac repair Canoga park or ac repair Van Nuys service (as the case may be) at the very first sign that there may be a problem with your HVAC system. So, even if your HVAC system is still heating and cooling fine, just not as well as it used to, don’t wait and call in an expert tech to check things out. Many times a simple fix early on can prevent a much more serious malfunction.

Where are the Filters Which Need Periodic Cleaning In My HVAC System?

The filters which require cleaning before summer and then before winter are at the air intake of the cold/hot air dispensing unit (the one fitted indoors).

Why Does Water Drip Out Of My HVAC System?

As air is cooled some of the water vapor in it condenses into water droplets. When cooling with your HVAC water will form in the unit fitted indoors and must be allowed to drain out through a drainage pipe. When the HVAC system is used for heating the water drips out of the compressor unit fitted outdoors. If water begins to drip indoors call for an ac repair Canoga Park or ac repair Van Nuys service only after you’ve checked to see if it’s a simple matter of a blocked drainage pipe, something you may be able to remedy yourself.