Home Heating and Air Conditioning

So far as architecture goes there are several forces at play, one is the desire to design a unique, attractive building, another is the need to design the building so that it serves its purpose in the best manner possible, further considerations have to do with engineering, building materials, cost of construction, environmentalism and more. A good architect will know how to balance all of the above-mentioned considerations exceptionally well. The conditions inside the building are always something to be taken into account, how much natural light is let in, how much fresh air and which systems to install for heating and cooling. Today, advanced HVAC systems offer excellent solutions for architects to choose from, such choices may have substantial effects on the overall design.

The Challenge Of Choosing the Right HVAC System

As a company specializing in providing AC repair Canoga Park and AC repair Van Nuys services, we have come across many cases of difficulties with heating and cooling which are the direct result of an architect not choosing the right HVAC system for the building they are designing. In order to make the right choice, an architect must take into account things like insulation coefficients, air flow, room volume, number of people which usually occupy a certain space, seasonal outdoor conditions, the conditions required inside etc.
A good architect will not leave the matter of choosing an HVAC system for the building they are designed to the very end, incorporating this decision into the natural design process will allow for better symbiosis between the architecture and the technicalities of fitting in the HVAC system.


As mentioned above, one of the challenges an architect faces is designing a building which is pleasing to the eye, an HVAC system consists of several components,  a compressor unit, a hot/cold air dispensing unit, air ducts and more. If an architect fails to incorporate the HVAC system into the building’s layout they may find out too late that fitting in the HVAC system unavoidably compromises the appearance they strove to create.


Heating and cooling efficiency should be taken into account when designing any building. Blindly relying on a strong enough HVAC system to do the trick may later result in having to pay large sums in form of electricity bills. A good architect will, therefore, strive to design a building which may be heated and cooled efficiently and then pick an HVAC system which is powerful enough to do the job.