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Serving the Los Angeles Area  (833) 472-5264

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Premier Furnace Installation & Replacement: Top-tier Heating Services With Experienced Contractors in Los Angeles

Stabilize your comfort, avoid heating shutdowns, and reduce monthly energy bills with a new, energy-efficient furnace from Season Control.

Stay Warm & Save Money With a New Furnaces

Is your current furnace having trouble heating your home? Have you been struggling with frequent malfunctions and continuous repairs? You might want to consider having a new furnace installed.

At Season Control Heating & Air Conditioning, we have proudly installed HVAC systems across the Los Angeles area since 1988. We have witnessed how much furnace technology has evolved over the past few decades and how much our customers can benefit from a full system upgrade.

We always want our customers to feel confident with any major investment they make in their homes, so one of our seasoned HVAC contractors will gladly walk you through your options and help you find the perfect furnace for your home, needs, and budget.

HVAC service by Season Control - Professional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning maintenance for optimal indoor comfort.
Indoor Air Quality

Breathe Easy, Stay Healthy

The quality and condition of your heating system are major factors in determining indoor air quality. If your home has an older or broken HVAC system or your air ducts have been neglected, it may be circulating dust, microbes, dander, pollen, and other allergens, placing your health at risk. When our contractor installs a new heater, we work with our customers to find solutions to ensure you and your loved ones breathe fresh, clean air daily.

A technician wearing a hard hat and gloves is working on an HVAC unit, using electrical tools and meters to ensure optimal by season control of the equipment.
Increased Energy Efficiency

Save Energy, Save Money

Newer model heating systems are now being manufactured specifically with energy-saving in mind. Your current system is likely consuming more energy than it needs to, and if it has not been properly maintained, it may be working overtime to keep your home warm and comfortable. The initial cost of installing a new furnace or replacing your current system is offset by the money you will save on your monthly utility bills. At Season Control, we calculate your system’s capacity specifically to your household needs for maximum efficiency and savings.

HVAC Repair & Furnace Installation with Certified HVAC Installer

If your heater is having difficulty keeping your home warm or you keep experiencing malfunctions, don’t wait for those cold winter nights to replace it.

The HVAC experts at Season Control can help you find the perfect furnace or air conditioner to suit your home. We have over three decades of experience installing all furnace brands, models, and sizes across the Los Angeles area, and we can help you too!

A HVAC Contractor from Season Control

Why Choose Us?

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Furnace Replacement & Heating Installation Services in Los Angeles, CA

When you select a new furnace to have installed in your home, you want to make sure that you select one that is well-suited for your home, within your budget, and that will keep you comfortable for years to come. That’s where we come in!

At Season Control, we have assisted homeowners across the greater Los Angeles area for over 30 years. Our friendly team of HVAC pros knows our industry inside and out, so they can guide you toward the wisest investment for your home. We aim to keep you comfortable, breathe clean air, and remain energy-efficient. We may not be able to control the seasons, but we can control your comfort!

Should I switch to a gas furnace?

Gas furnaces remain a popular choice among homeowners for various reasons. Powered primarily by natural gas, these furnaces offer efficient and consistent heat, ensuring homes stay warm during the coldest months. Compared to other heating methods, gas furnaces often have lower operational costs due to the affordability of natural gas.

Furthermore, modern gas furnaces have advanced features, such as variable-speed blowers and modulating burners, that optimize comfort and energy efficiency. With proper maintenance, these furnaces can offer reliable performance for years, making them a valuable investment for those seeking long-term heating solutions.

The Benefits of a New Heating System

If you are contemplating installing a modern,energy-efficient furnace in your home or replacing your current one, consider the following benefits:

Heating Maintenance Programs

One of the best things you can do to save on future repairs and extend your brand-new furnace’s lifespan is to maintain it regularly. Even when you’ve recently installed a new heating system, it is still recommended that you schedule yearly maintenance visits to keep it in good condition and catch any minor issues before they turn into major, expensive repairs.

A well-maintained furnace can prevent frustrating shutdowns and malfunctions on those cold winter nights. Season Control’s annual maintenance service can help your heating system last longer, increase efficiency, reduce high energy bills, and avoid costly furnace problems. Our seasoned technicians have a knack for spotting warning signs and can easily handle the regular upkeep. Speak to a member of the Season Control team to find the perfect maintenance plan for you!


Homeowners choose Season Control HVAC because of our dedication to quality, timely service, and extensive experience in the industry. We understand the unique heating needs of each home and offer tailor-made solutions that best suit our clients.

Yes, in addition to furnace installation and replacement, we provide comprehensive heater repair services to ensure your home remains warm and cozy.

If your heater is frequently breaking down, is more than 10-15 years old, or isn’t providing the desired heat levels, it might be time to consider a replacement. However, our contractor at Season Control HVAC can evaluate your system and provide a recommendation based on its condition and efficiency.

Heat pumps can be an energy-efficient alternative to traditional heaters, especially in milder climates. They work by transferring heat rather than generating it, sometimes making them more efficient. Our contractor can help determine whether a heat pump suits your home.

The time varies based on the type and size of the furnace and any additional work needed. However, we strive to ensure minimal disruption and complete most installations within a day.

Modern furnaces are designed to be more energy-efficient than older models. By upgrading, homeowners can expect better heat distribution, fewer breakdowns, and potentially reduced energy bills.


Picture of Delvin M.
Delvin M.

My rental AC unit was blowing Hot air. I spoke to my Neigbor and he recommended Season Control as they replaced his entire unit. I made a last minute call to Season Control and Chis was able to come out within 2 hrs to service my AC unit. My tenants are happy to enjoy the cool air again . Thank you for the quick response

Picture of Briii T.
Briii T.

My parents received a call from Season Control Heating & Air Conditioning reminding them that it was time for their free preventive maintenance check. Having done that, they had them return another day to install an ultra flow attic fan to set the threshhold to 92 degrees. Donald, Jr. was very thorough and explained everything by showing them a video of his installation in the attic. He was very prompt and efficient and my parents were pleased.

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