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Feb 24, 2023

Getting a New Furnace Installed? Here’s What to Expect

To maintain a comfortable temperature in your home, you need to have an optimally-functioning furnace. Eventually, however, the time will come when your old system stops working, and you have to install a new one.

The installation process is much more complicated than having a company deliver a new furnace to your house and hook it up. As such, homeowners must know what to expect.Luckily, the furnace installation experts at Season Control can remove some mystery from the process. Here’s what you can expect will happen during your next furnace installation.

Back to the Basics: Furnace Installation 101

Before we dive into the details, it’s good to know the basic processes of a furnace installation. The general installation process involves five steps, including:

  • Safety Checks: Any HVAC contractor worth its weight in gold will perform multiple safety checks before and during the installation.
  • Removing the old system
  • Installing the new furnace
  • Reconnecting and sealing the new unit
  • Testing the equipment

Keep in mind this is just a general overview of the process. Now, we can dig into the details.

Before the Process Begins

Before the installation even begins, the HVAC technicians will determine what size furnace your home needs. Instead of simply basing the new furnace’s capacity on the square footage of your home, a dependable HVAC contractor will make careful calculations. These are based on not just the size of your house but its energy efficiency, airtightness, and the type of insulation your home has.

The technician will also thoroughly inspect your home’s registers and ducts. This ensures they are installing a system that’s the right design and size. The pre-installation process also includes safety checks of the gas lines and wiring.

A quality contractor will also explain the unique features of your new furnace. These include energy efficiency and indoor air quality capabilities.

The Installation Starts

The day has finally arrived for your new furnace to be installed. You can kiss that old hunk of metal goodbye! The technician will start the process by unhooking any ducts, wiring, or gas lines that are connected to the old furnace.

Once your old system has been hauled away, the technicians will sanitize the space where it used to sit and all connection points of your existing ductwork. Finally, they’ll lay down a rubber pad to separate the furnace from your floor. 

During the New Furnace Installation

When installing a new furnace, airflow is paramount. If this isn’t properly managed, the entire installation will be a bust. The technicians will adjust the electrical wiring, flue lining, and other components that work together. They will likely work with electrical, woodworking, and sheet metal tools to bend, fold, or cut the metal to ensure optimal airflow.

Once the new furnace is in place, the technicians will ensure it is level and plumb. They will then reconnect the gas lines and wires. The technicians may also use caulk to ensure the system is airtight.

The Finishing Touches

The HVAC technicians will conduct tests to ensure the new equipment is properly functioning and adheres to safety codes. These tests include the amount of airflow, temperature rising rates, and static pressure. If the furnace doesn’t pass these tests, the technicians will make any necessary adjustments.

Lastly, the technicians will clean up the area, removing all debris and old equipment. They’ll also explain essential furnace maintenance services, including air filter replacements. This extends the life of your new system.

Superior Furnace Installation Solutions

A new furnace will keep you comfy during the colder months. If you need fast, reliable, and affordable furnace installation services, contact Season Control today. With over 30 years of industry experience, we’ll help you stay warm while saving you money with high-quality equipment.

To learn more, contact us today by calling (818) 583-8790. We proudly serve the greater Los Angeles area, including Burbank, Pasadena, North Hollywood, and Van Nuys.


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