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May 6, 2021

9 Simple Ways To Lower Your Energy Bills This Summer

9 Simple Ways To Lower Your Energy Bills This Summer

Do you know where most of your energy usage at home comes from?

Spoiler alert: it’s your heating and air conditioning systems.

With all the electric devices at home, laundry rooms, pool heaters, and appliances, the biggest chunk of your bills goes toward running the AC, especially as temperatures soar in the summer months.

Your heating and air conditioning account for about 60% of your overall utility costs. The more efficient your HVAC system is, the less energy it will use, and this is done by proper maintenance and a few cost-efficient ways of cooling your home.

As summer is fast approaching and our electricity bills tend to rise, it’s wise to learn a few easy tips to help reduce your home’s energy costs. Energy savings is one of the top Reasons to Replace Your Air Conditioning System Before Summer.

Follow these 9 simple ways to lower your energy bills this summer:

  1. Regularly scheduled maintenance.
  2. Install a programmable thermostat.
  3. Upgrade your unit to a high-efficiency AC.
  4. Change the filters on your air conditioning unit regularly.
  5. Block your fireplace.
  6. Lock windows and doors
  7. Use ceiling fans
  8. Control temperature settings
  9. Shade your windows

1. Regularly scheduled maintenance

We cannot stress this enough. Regular check-ups will let you know the state of your current HVAC system and make sure it’s operating at top speed at the lowest cost.

2. Install a programmable thermostat

For a small up-front investment, a programmable thermostat can help you save money down the line. Make sure to take advantage of the features that allow you to control the temperature when you’re not home or at different hours of the day.

In the summer, turn your air conditioner off when you leave home and turn it back on when you return. If you have a programmable thermostat or a smart thermostat, you can program it to do this independently. Have it start cooling before you get back to the house, so it’s a comfortable temperature when you arrive—technology at its best.

3. Upgrade your unit to a high-efficiency AC

Upgrading to a high-efficiency, low cost, and maintenance ductless mini-split unit can provide spot heating and cooling for single rooms or whole homes, significantly reducing your energy costs by only cooling specific spaces at a time. 

4. Change the filters on your air conditioning unit regularly

This sounds simple, but so many of us forget to change our filters regularly. This is cause for malfunctions, making the unit work harder, and therefore use more energy. If you make it a habit to change your air filters, it will help the system work more efficiently and reduce your costs.

Keeping your AC filter clean and clearing out any potential clogs can save 5-15% in energy use alone. Plus it will work more efficiently and save you money in repair costs.

5. Block your fireplace

Prevent cool air from flowing out and seal your fireplace to prevent air leaks. You can invest in a chimney balloon or glass doors.

6. Lock windows and doors

Just as closing the fireplace, open windows and doors also let the air leak outside the home and make your AC unit work double. Eliminate leaks and drafts by maintaining your openings shut.

7. Use ceiling fans

Consider investing in ceiling fans to reduce your costs in both seasons!

In the summer, arrange your ceiling fans to operate counterclockwise and bring cooler air down. In the winter, change the ceiling fan’s rotation to clockwise and set it to low; it will bring warm air that’s risen to the ceiling back down to the living area. Just remember to turn off your ceiling fan when you leave the room.

8. Control temperature settings

Cool your home at 78° F or higher with the thermostat fan switched to auto. For additional savings, raise your thermostat to 82° F or higher when you’re aw

9. Shade your windows

If you have blinds or shades, keep them closed during the day to reduce how much the sunlight heats your home. Adding curtains can be an inexpensive way to update your décor and keep your space cooler without lowering your A/C.

The Bottom Line

Summer heat is tough on air conditioning units, but cooling your home doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Do your energy bills tend to skyrocket once it hits summer? We hope these simple yet effective strategies can help you lower your energy bills

Keep your energy costs under control by following these simple tips, and remember to call us for your AC maintenance, repairs, or installation needs. 


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